About Anthony

Now that Tori's adoption fund is fully funded and she is in the process of getting adopted (see Fully Funded!  and Tori has a family! posts)...22 days into a 30 day drive...we are donating the rest of the money to a little boy named Anthony, in a similar situation as Tori.  Here's his story from Reece's Rainbow:

Anthony (25)

Boy, born ... 2005
Anthony has blonde hair and brown eyes.   He struggles with the effects of CP, and has also tested positive for TB.
From his medical records: Spastic tetraparesis, motor disorders, convergent squint, hip dysplasia, anemia
His muscles are very tight, and he will need significant amounts of therapy. He is not able to sit by himself, and is dependent on his care givers for just about everything. He has a secondary myocardiopathy as well. Quite a laundry list for such a darling boy ;((  Anthony will be sent to a mental institution, and will remain bedridden the rest of his short life. He is blessed to still be living at the baby house, but he will be transferred in the Spring. Please give Anthony a chance to know a loving, supportive family! Don’t let him end up another statistic :(

Once again, in Eastern Europe* these children "age out" of the orphanages called "baby houses," and often get placed in mental institutions, not because there is anything necessarily wrong mentally--but because they are not considered adoptable.  A list of 350+ adoptions facilitated by Reece's Rainbow in the past four years proves that wrong.  These institutions are environments often disastrous for children with special needs, perhaps especially those who cannot walk.   When you meet these children in a family environment, and see the love these families have for these children, you realize what a privileged blessing they are.

So: we spread the word.  We donate what we can.  We walk, run, and roll in Winona, Minnesota, October 30th!  And we pray, both for Anthony and his future parents.  They deserve the blessing of each other.

If you are interested in adopting Anthony, please contact Reece's Rainbow for more information on the process and on Anthony.

*We are not allowed to name Anthony's home country online.  If it is important for you to know, please contact Reece's Rainbow directly for more information.