Friday, October 8, 2010

...And Stephanie has raised $775! and counting....

Yes, the IPod Touch giveaway is going well at Stephanie's place--and that all goes to Tori as well. I'm thrilled! And while I would like to see people continue to donate a dollar or two or a hundred :) at my ChipIn here, I would love to see Stephanie's continue to grow (and at hers, you could receive that IPod--if you're lucky!).

It's worth going there just to read her post on Tori. It's not easy reading, but she has been to Tori's country in Eastern Europe to adopt, and knows the score about the poor state of orphanages and institutions. We're doing this to raise awareness about the goodness of special needs adoptions, but also to unite a family to be and save Tori's life. Please contribute (at either ChipIn!). Thank you!


  1. I am hoping Tori finds a good home soon!!! I would love to adopt now, but I can't. I live in a tiny apt. in Seoul right now. haha
    Well, I want to be a warrior for orphans like Tori on RR. I am not sure how much I can do from Seoul though.

  2. Christine, you can support this campaign in whatever way you can imagine...and you never know! Maybe there's a way to help others, God will let you know if you pray about it. Thanks for the good wishes, it keeps my spirits up!