Thursday, October 21, 2010


I kid you not. Someone (or people) stepped forward and we can see it here: She now has over $23,000! That's a fully funded adoption!

Thank you, God!

(For the record, this rarely happens! *Full* funding?! It usually takes months, if at all!)

This is huge--so very huge--but Tori still needs a family to step forward for her. She really ideally needs a "paper-ready" family (that is, a family with a home study done, ready to adopt right now), because her situation is so difficult. She needs out now. Please continue to spread the word--this child needs a home, and I believe God is working through his people to make it happen. I mean, look at this total. People can't remember a child ever getting that kind of funding without a committed family--this isn't human work; it's GOD work. So...ask yourself, ask your friends...who are her parents?

And if you're wondering--what about the great Fun Run on Oct 30th, plastered all over Winona? It's ON! We're going to put the money to another special needs child in a similar situation as Tori's. Now we can help even more children and families! This is a wonderful thing. I'll announce the person the funds are going to later Friday. There are lots of "Toris" out there!

Praise God with me today and let's keep working to find Tori her family, and the seeking family their new child!

Thank you to everyone who contributed! I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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  1. The Reece's Rainbow site now appears to be instead of, but you can still access it: (I wish the original address redirected to the new one, but it doesn't appear to.)

    Thank the Lord that Tori's fully funded!