Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Total: at least $6200 in donations for Anthony's fund!

At the Fun Run, playing with kids by the lake.
It's true.  I just sent some of the money today, and other money is in route.  It should show up at Reece's Rainbow really soon.

I want to thank everyone who donated for both Tori's fund and Anthony's fund during Respect Life month.  I sincerely hope this will be enough to help the parents out there who want to adopt Anthony--he looks like a little buy with a future to me.  But unless he is adopted, Anthony's future is very, very bleak; he needs the treatment (love and medical treatment) that a family would be able to provide readily to live.  Please continue to pray for Anthony's future parents to step forward!  And recommend him to people considering adoption (including, perhaps, yourself!).

If you want to contribute to Anthony's fund, it's not too late!:  You could do so here.

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