Friday, February 25, 2011

More on Anthony

I said I would report when I knew more, and I do...although not much.

Anthony is still in his orphanage, and they will hang on to him "as long as they can".  He is supposed to be transferred this spring, it's hard to know whether this changes that or not.  I did see a is not public, as far as I know, so I cannot share it.  But it is a sad picture.  On one hand, he's sitting upright and without a strap, so that is encouraging (he has significant CP).  On the other hand, he was looking pretty sad in the picture--not the half-smile you see above.  Andrea (from RR) also said he has cognitive delays (from the environment or the brain damage that is CP? don't know).

So the good news is that he is "OK"--not transferred yet.  The sad face is heartbreaking, though.  If you could pray for Anthony, pray for his future family, and spread the word that this little boy deserves a family--we would be most grateful.

Many thanks and peace here and there tonight--

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