Monday, February 14, 2011

A Plea for Anthony

As almost everyone in the known world realizes at this point, we are trying hard to make an adoption happen as quickly as we can--but everything seems to hinge on us selling two websites my husband as developed. If they sell well and soon, we will have much of our stupid debt (as opposed to legit debt?)  paid, and have money to put toward a home study. That's good! But the reality is it *could* take a few months. And while that's OK....

there's Anthony.

We're not committed by paper or entirely by heart to any one child. But the reality is we are looking at Anthony hard, despite feeling that this was way more than we had initially thought we could handle. And that may be the case for reasons I won't get into; we're still discerning, checking $ issues, etc. BUT Anthony is 5 1/2 and scheduled to get transferred to an institution this Spring. He has significant CP and my thought is he will not survive the institutions they have in his home country, not to mention I wouldn't send my dog to one. A friendly one of you all told me through email where he would likely go, I looked it up, and it's scary bad.

We raised all kinds of money for this child's grant fund and it breaks my heart--we just may not be able to commit in the next few weeks or not. We're trying so hard. I feel like I have knocked every door for Anthony and have run out of options. But I want to see him adopted. It honestly doesn't matter if it is us or someone else. He needs his family now.

I know God has this in hand, but maybe God needs more hands and feet on this one. Could you please pray for and/or post for Anthony's cause? He has a very good grant ($6500+), and needs someone to step up asap.

Anthony's spot on RR:

Thank you everyone! I so appreciate it!

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  1. I hope Anthony finds a home soon. I don't want to see him transferred. I am glad you set up this blog.