Thursday, March 17, 2011

Anthony's grant is growing!

Thanks to those of you still chip-in-ning away!  Anthony is only $33 away from having a $7000 adoption grant. 

That's a huge grant, folks.  When you combine that with a $13,000 adoption tax credit, that means that anyone with homestudy and initial costs done has a fully funded adoption.

Let's get it over $7000 and continue praying, and suggesting him to families interested in adopting.  Time is not Anthony's friend here.


On the Reagan front--Reagan is doing great!, but her newly adopted sister Carrington is not.  In addition to DS, she has severe reflux, and maybe something else going on--she is nearly four and the size of an 18 month old.  Stephanie (a friend of the family's) has some shocking photos here.  Anyway, they are flying to Texas today but little Carrington is already arranged to go straight into the hospital upon arrival.  Prayers for her and the whole family appreciated--this is a rough way to start.  Then again, they may have gotten her out just in time.

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