Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Anthony is FULLY FUNDED!!!

Anthony in summer 2009.
Click and see that great big number--$20,000.19!

...So that means anyone wishing to adopt need only pay for initial start up costs...and in the USA, that is reimbursed through an adoption tax credit the year after the adoption is finalized!  This is, in the end, a free  adoption!

So what now?

1) We give thanks!  Thanks to all who contributed funds and thanks be to God!
2) We pray!  hard!  Anthony's family is out there and the financial hurdle is gone.  We pray for that family to know Anthony is their child and to step forward!
3) We spread the word!  In any and every way you can!  Link to this post or to his profile at Reece's Rainbow:   

Anthony is almost six years old.  It is a blessing (and amazing) he is still at a "baby house,"  but that could change at any time.  I have heard where he would get transferred to, and it would be devastating for him, and quite possibly a virtual death sentence--at minimum a living death sentence.  Time really is of the essence here, and there is little time to waste.

Anthony does seem to have significant disabilities for sure, but he deserves the love and attention of a family.  He will no doubt do better in a family environment.  We don't know how much better.  It is a leap of faith, but ... the path has been cleared for someone to do just that.

I am going away for work until Wednesday May 4th.  I am asking everyone who reads this to post it on facebook, twitter, your blog, email your friends, whatever!  Who knows where this family is?  We need to find them in every way we can!

Any of you compelled to advocate, share your experience of adopting, or CP, or whatever seems relevant--please, please do so!  And thank you!

Let's prayerfully spread the word far and wide and let's get Anthony the family he needs and deserves!

Peace, Susan


  1. You now have two fully funded kiddos (Tori and Anthony). Whose next??? I vote Dmitiry or Natalia from (1)!!

  2. I love Anthony! Wish I could adopt him and Reid! Will post on FB and pray for him.

  3. Wow, this is amazing, i also sponsor anthony (well, him and sergey) on my blog
    We are hoping to go on a mission trip over to that orphanage he isnin next summer, i hope he is adopted by then. Please check out my blog and follow it! For the kids of (25)! Yes i know the real name

  4. how did you do it? I have just become a 555 warrior for Francine and am trying so so hard and praying to God but i cant at the moment get the ball rolling! check out for my latest attempt. i think you are awesome jane x