Friday, April 1, 2011

I'm Anthony's "Easter Warrior!"

So what can we do to keep his adoption fund growing? Money is the only thing that keeps these children apart from families--and that's it. We can fix that, right?

I'm a Warrior for Reece's Rainbow!

You can donate a little or a lot through Paypal, and Reece's Rainbow is a 501(c)3 (that means tax-deductible!). If you donate a significant amount, you may want to send a check with "Anthony (25)" in the memo line, because RR has to pay out of pocket for Paypal transaction fees. Or you can increase your contribution and it will be covered that way. ;)

You can also spread the word by going to Anthony's spot on RR and click the right buttons to post his profile on facebook or twitter.


Another great thing going on--if you tweet, please follow Reece's Rainbow! Patricia Heaton (the actress) has offered a challenge to everyone--if Reece's Rainbow gains 10,000 Twitter followers quickly, she will donate $10,000 to RR! That's huge $ in RR non-profit land, and they need it to keep the place running! So please consider following RR here--it's free, ya know!--and urge your "followers" list on twitter to do the same: Reece's Rainbow on twitter.

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