Friday, October 29, 2010

5th fun reason to do the Fun Run: we've got a $6000 head start!

Yes, we do!

Generous friends told me they have written checks totaling $6000 for Anthony's Reece's Rainbow fund! What a great start!

An international adoption from his region typically costs around $25,000. I know, ouch. There are grants one can apply for, and low interest loans as well: but obviously it is a real gift to both Anthony, who needs a family asap, and his future parents to build up his fund through Reece's Rainbow. This is families helping families, and a beautiful way to honor the value of children with special needs. When we all pitch in, even this kind of money is not so much. So please, whether you come to the Fun Run or not, if you can pitch in a dollar or more, it would be well-used and a meaningful gift.

Can we get his grant up to $10,000? That would almost assure that Anthony would find his family soon. These are wanted children, and families want to adopt--they simply have problems affording the high costs. That is a solvable problem. Let's help them out!

There's nothing like spending a Saturday morning doing good...and seriously, this could save Anthony's life! Register now!

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