Friday, October 29, 2010

What to expect at the Fun Run Walk and Roll? brewing, hot chocolate stirring, at 9am., with a bullhorn! Looking forward to that....
...people registering for door prizes, signing waivers to run, putting in donations (preferably via check! Or donate now online! or bring cash, but we can't provide a receipt for that....)
...WSU and SMU students playing games with kids outside the Lodge, and kiddos coloring "kids with disabilities" sheets and other crafts inside
...making signs to walk with (if you want!)
...picking up water bottles to walk/run with, while supplies last. I know it's chilly, but don't get dehydrated now! music by Amanda Grace!
...people picking up information on Reece's Rainbow and adoption in general
...facepainting with Katy Smith!
...door prizes announced at 9:30am!'re off! Running, walking or rolling around East Lake Winona (or however far you want to go and it's still "fun")., crafts, etc. wind down at 10am.

See you there! Contact me (email at right) with questions!

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