Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Someone else is fundraising too! Ipod involved....

...and you may get an IPod out of it. Hmmm.

I'm taking this as evidence that God is working behind the scenes to get this little girl adopted quickly. Stephanie at this blog has adopted her own kids through Reece's Rainbow and--in the same 48 hours as me--decided to fundraise for Tori. No, I have never met her before I started doing this.

This is fantastic because a) the more people making a concerted effort, the better. I'm so thrilled about this! b) I do take it as a sign that God is working to get people to save this little girl. But we have to cooperate!

At her blog, donate and you can possibly win an IPod touch through a giveaway. Donate at her site to Tori's fund at Reece's Rainbow and you may be randomly drawn to win an IPod! Donate there before October 21st....

Thank you to all who have donated! Please continue to spread the word to help us fundraise a dollar at a time, and tell people who you think may be interested in adopting. If you read Stephanie's post, you'll realize time is very important in this. Thanks again.

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